Linn Basik with Akito TM + some good tunes on wax

Just like the headline said!!  This piece has done me justice over the past couple of months since I got it from my Shelley’s Stereo in Woodland Hills (special thanks to Alon for hooking the deal up).

I bought it with all Linn parts attached but quickly switched out the MM cartridge in favor of Denon 110 MC cartridge, all in all it’s a GREAT manual table.

One of the best purchases I’ve made in the last 2 years, couldn’t be any happier with it.





My old table that the Linn replaced, I couldn’t find it in myself to get rid of her.  Dual 1245 – German technology.  This belt driven table is a solid piece in itself.  The base is provides enough thickness to isolate most noises and vibrations from exterior sources and the arm is well balanced and tracks effectively.  I used a Grado Reference on the head shell.  Of course my favorite part is the platter mat. 




Few of the titles I’ve been jamming lately


1. Chico Hamilton – “El Chico” (Impulse):  

Latin percussionist at it’s best.  Not to mention that Gabor Szabo plays in it as well.  Best track to check out would have to be “Conquistadores (The Conquerors)”

2. R.L. Burnside – “Ass Pocket Full Of Whiskey” (Fat Possum)

Bluesman R.L. and the great JSBX collaboration, “nuff said!!!!  Best track to check = “Tojo Told Hitler.”

3. Indian – “Guiltless” (Relapse)

This Chi – Town sludge quintet’s latest slice of hate.  Saw them with HoF & It’s Casual and they slayed both acts with their show.  Best track is “Fate Before Fate.”

4. Failure – “Comfort” (ORG Music)

Good reissue from this bad ass space/alt band, sound quality is awesome and the packaging is super quality.  ORG goes all out with their releases and it shows in the quality they are meticulous about.  Best track to check out is “Screen Man

5. Coleman Hawkins – “The Essential Coleman Hawkins” (Verve)

A compilation of work from one the most revered and respected Tenor players of the 19th century and all throughout jazz.  Material released by Norman Granz’s legendary Jazz label Verve.

6. Kyuss – “Blues For The Red Sun” (Dali)

No caption necessary, this album is an absolute essential for any music fan.  ANY MUSIC FAN!!  Best track to listen to = 50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up).  What am I saying! The whole fuckin’ album is great!!!!!!Image

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