Erik Astor (CEO of Furnace Record Pressing) – Set up + tunes

I spin most of my vinyl in my office, mainly reviewing test pressings and checking out stuff that’s just been pressed. I’ve found the Pro-Ject line of turntables are an excellent choice for the money.  



We have several Pro-Ject Debut III’s in our Production rooms and I have the upgraded Xpression unit that comes with a carbon fiber tonearm and a pretty nice stylus.  I added the quartz timed speed box because I’m too busy/lazy to manually change the belt/gear that changes RPM settings.  It works great and enhances the accuracy of the motor.

The Parasound phono amp is pretty basic, no frills and works without fail.  I have a zerostat anti-static gun, a anti-static cleaning brush and a Onzow Zerodust stylus cleaner to keep everything dust free. All in, this setup is under $1,000.




Vinyl on my turntable the last couple of days included:
– new Bob Dylan “Tempest” 2xLP
– new Band of Horses “Mirage Rock” LP
– new Ry Cooder “Election Special” LP
– new Infantree “Hero’s Dose” LP
– new Paterson Hood “Heat Lightening…” LP
– Ryan Adams “Live After Deaf” LP Boxset

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