Marcus Blake’s (Bassist for Self, Mother Superior, Rollins Band) Sexy Rega RP3 and LP recommendations

My turntable of choice is a Rega RP3.  Henry Rollins turned me on to the great Rega line of turntables a few years back.  I am a big fan of vinyl and there’s nothing like hearing an original U.K. copy of The Beatles’ Revolver in mono on that baby!  What warmth! What tone!
I love cds if mastered properly too but, man, there’s nothing like checking out a classic album on vinyl on a good turntable with good speakers to boot!
I got lucky recently and scored something like 30 records in amazing condition at the local Goodwill!  Everything from Jeff Lynne’s pre-Move band, The Idle Race to Zeppelin, to Kate Bush to Jobriath to Queen to Springsteen and Roxy Music bootlegs to Cheech & Chong albums was in that stash!  Who the hell gives away Jobriath albums to Goodwill anyway?  Haha!  There was about 30 records total.  Prince’s Around The World In A Day and Otis Redding’s Dictionary Of Soul album (original mono on Stax) were recently played on my Rega RP3.
I must also mention EMI’s recent reissue of David Bowie’s classic The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars on vinyl is a revelation!  It was mastered by the original mastering engineer, Ray Staff and sounds better than ever.  It also has a DVD of the album and outtakes with a 5.1 mix done by producer, Ken Scott.  Recommended!
I am aiming to put out my own album, Distorted Hymns, on vinyl in the near future and I can’t wait to put it on my Rega RP3 and crank it!
Marcus Blake

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