Jim Kaplan (Founder & Publisher of Record Collector News) talks gear and quality pressings

My Turntable is Clearaudio Performance with magnetic bearing and Grado Sonata Cartridge. it’s worth more than my car. Which says as much about my car as it does about my values.
Speakers are Thiel 2.3’s circa 1990
Amp is a 1980’s vintage Soundcraftsmen 250 WPC
Preamp is a 1970’s vintage Conrad Johnson PV2
Those four ingredients make up audio heaven in my living room
Heavy Rotation on Vinyl:
Frank Zappa You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Volume 2 – found a 3 record vinyl set. Amazing
Dr John Locked Down
Espernaza Spalding’s Junjo (find it on vinyl. Its worth it)

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