The Latest Tunes!


The List:

– Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment(SLR/Volcom) :  Hank and Pal Pot are gone, so it’s not the same.  Still this album shreds big time.

– Toiling Midgets – Son (Matador):  Super mellow alternative.

– Turbonegro: Apocalypse Dudes (SFTRI/Man’s Ruin):  This is a bootleg I got from Amoeba.  Sound quality is actually not bad.  Only thing is that their is some serious dead space between tracks in the wax.  Legendary album!!!

The Move: Best of The Move (A&M):  Before ELO, they’re was The Move.  ‘Enugh said!

– Thorr’s Hammer – Doomedagsnatt (Southern Lord):  Good doom metal stuff on this record.  Greg A and Steve O’ Malley from Southern Lords pre – Sunn band.  Burning Witch is also great.

Earthlings – Humalien (Treasure Craft Records):  Pete Stahl and Dave Catching!  

Church of MIsery -The Second Coming (Rise Above Records):  These guys are still the heaviest thing to ever come out of Japan, great live show as well!

– The Flaming Groovies – Slow Death (Norton Records):  Pretty much can’t say enough about this band, the hooks are super catchy.  Awesome addition for any hardcore fan of Iggy, MC5, Death (Detroit band – not the death metal band) or any garage rock fiend.  Not to mention the song “Slow Death” has been covered countless times (i.e The Dictators, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs to name a few.)

– Turboneger – Turboloid 7″ (SFTRI):  Super gritty production and recording.  This was made before the Hank years.

The Mono Men (Rise Records) – S/T 7″:  Great garage punk from WA.  Frank Kozik (Man’s Ruin owner/operator) provided artwork.

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