Jim Wilson (Mother Superior, Self, Rollins Band) speaks of his obsession.

My name is Jim Wilson and I am a vinylholic. I recently released my debut solo album on vinyl with a bonus 7″ and a download card. It’s called simply, “Jim Wilson” and you can get it from my website (at end).
I’m a singin’ songwritin’ guitarist who also plays bass with Daniel Lanois and I’m excited to be going on my first European solo tour in a few weeks. I’ve also played guitar and sang around the world with Mother Superior, Sparks, Henry Rollins, Pearl Aday and Scott Ian. 
I don’t just listen to vinyl, I collect it and have for many years. I have a whole extra bedroom that bulges with LPs, 45s and some tape recorders, amps and acoustic guitars. Alphabetical and cataloged, I’m always running to record shops in my spare time. Being on the road a lot, I’m always buying new records. I’m usually spinning what I most recently bought. 
My tastes are very eclectic and weird. The latest stack to be filed of what I played today reveals Freddy Weller’s 1972 album “The Promised Land” (Freddy was the guitarist from Paul Revere & The Raiders who also had a successful country music career, along with writing hits like “Dizzy” with Tommy Roe),
The Human League’s “Reproduction” LP and some assorted 12″ singles (including “The Sound Of The Crowd” and “Don’t You Want Me” with extended mixes),
the Bonzo Dog Band’s “Keynsham” (an all-time fave),
Michael Jackson’s “Blood On The Dance Floor” 12″ single
and The Beatles first Capitol album in Canada called “Beatlemania! With The Beatles” which came out in November 1963, months before the American invasion.
Also, a big stack of Canada-pressed 45’s I picked up in Toronto including 1950’s and 1960’s classics by Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans, Fats Domino and a bevy of Tamla Motown singles by Mary Wells, The Supremes and Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.
I’ve owned lots of turntables through the years and the latest one I have is a simple Denon DP-300F which I totally love.
It has an easy push button operation and killer sound on everything from old rock albums to current 180 gram pressings as well as 45s. You can get one from Amazon at a great price. I also keep (in the vinyl room) a vintage Hitachi from the 70’s because it plays 78 R.P.M.
Oh yeah, I have a internet radio show called “The Vinyl Shelf” that’s starting it’s fifth season on September 21. I DJ a variety of sounds including deep album cuts, good weirdies and common classics. I also throw in lots of old radio transcription discs with vintage commercials. Give it a listen–IT’S ALL FROM VINYL.
Thanks for reading and rock on,
Jim Wilson music site:
The Vinyl Shelf Radio Show

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