Steven Christopher Wallace (independent film maker) shares with me his analog preferences

My setup is fairly simple. I have a Technics SL-QD33 direct drive turntable with an Audio Technica needle. The record player is fed into an Onkyo Integra TX-DS838.


And I have a pair of Polk bookshelf speakers. A similar setup could be had for a few hundred bucks. What I like about certain Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon and Harman Kardon recievers is: some still come with a built in phono pre-amp. This is a good way keep costs reasonable.

Most recently I’ve listened to a limited edition Black Sabbath EP featuring Paranoid. It’s cool for two reasons: First, because its clear vinyl; and second because I always sing that song at karaoke.


Next I listened to Thee Headcoats, The Good Times are Killing Me.  I was in high school when this record came out. At that time, it was probably my favorite album. So I dusted it off and gave it a listen. Still holds up as far as I’m concerned.


Last on my list I haven’t listened to yet. It’s is a vinyl reproduction of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast by Orson Welles Halloween of 1939 [edit: it was 1938]. Welles and the Mercury Players [Theatre] dramatized the H.G. Wells classic of the same title as if it were a news interruption.  It turned out the presentation was so convincing it caused quite a bit of hysteria. Despite Welles concluding the program and wishing everyone a happy Halloween some viewers had already freaked out and panicked. It was this broadcast that paved the way for Welles’ short but no less significant contribution to Hollywood, including his masterpiece Citizen Kane. I plan to wait for Halloween to listen to this one.




Visit for a listing of Steve’s work.

– Matt

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