Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) provides an analog (somewhat) rundown.


LISTENING ON: A Stanton MP3 turntable….let’s me get my vinyl into a sub-par MP3 format
– One Dimensional Man: A Better Man.…ok. It’s a record I sing a song on but this now defunct Italian band is just great and propulsive and I like their sense of theater.
 Incoming Cerebral Overdrive: Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift….another Italian band. There might be something to Italians and vinyl. Don’t know what it is but I love these guys. Quite a lot. Really really great band and I don’t even sing on this one.
– Oxbow: Songs for the French...I have been in other bands and find that I listen to that stuff rarely but Oxbow is different. I mean I know I am IN Oxbow but it’s like having kids. I know my kids came from me but that does not stop me from being amazed that they exist.
– Adolescents: Adolescents….probably one of the most significant and signature records of my early life and perfectly in placed for what I was living and going through. Like reading an old journal. But without the tears.


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