Gravehill @ The Joint (3/12/2013)


Gravehill, a five piece death metal machine that hails from Anaheim, CA .  Members include the following:

– Mike Abdominator (Vox)

CC Dekill (Guitar)

Hell Messiah (Guitar)

J. Corpsemolester (Bass)

Thorgrimm (Drums)

They’ve currently wrapping up a short West Coast tour they’re doing with Death Metal pioneers Deceased entitled “March of the Cadavers.”  Other notable acts they’ve had the opportunities to play with include: Eyehategod, Harassor, Exhumed, Nausea, Ghoul and legendary death metal act Possessed.

It’s been a long time since I went to a death metal show, it was my thing practically back in college.  To say nonetheless, it was refreshing to go see something again that I’ve been a way from for a long time.

Gravehill’s sound does pay respect to the old school Florida/Scott Burns sound and they’re live show is pretty interactive as well.  Mike Abdominator likes to bullshit with fans whenever he gets the opportunity while preaching Gravehill’s message of “death metal violence/no lube action.”

During their hour long set, they blasted through back catalog material from their albums “When All Roads Lead to Hell” and “Rites of the Pentagram” + ended the night by paying homage to the ultimate scumbag known to music.

Black Blood Rising
Devil Worshiper
Unending Lust for Evil
The Ascending Fire
Decibel Ritual
GG Allin Cover: I Kill Everything

Good set, an hour long of audible decimation.  Not much else I can say about it, check these guys out if you’re a local or if they’re passing through your area.



(All photos courtesy and copyrights of Ish Fauxtography)



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