Sean and Zander (3.17.13 – Echoplex)

With the vast amount of bands that play (of all genres) in Los Angeles, it can be overwhelming to try to find a new group to check out that derives itself from a certain genre your passionate about.

This is where Sean and Zander come into play for fans of punk rock.

To summarize their music best, Zander came up with this:

“‘We want to grow old with a little more grace. . . we’re trying to build a bridge for the people out of punk rock.”

I walked into the Echoplex, went to the merch booth to say what’s up to a friend of mine who  just wrapped up a tour with a great band from LA called The Wild Roses.  Chatted for  a bit, then watched the rest of the Roses set.

Sean and Zander started their set without any one even realizing it… a boss.


Their set list comprised of material from their debut album Walk Thee Invisible such as

– So Low She Rose


– Spiritual

– Song about Songs

– 2nd &Hill

During song changes, Sean would BS with the audience about random things/events and even throw out compliments to guys who were in better physical shape than he was.

Besides that, the chemistry between the two guys work really well on stage.

Keep it classy dudes.



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