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Shattered Platter’s take: Rising Beast Records

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The city of Los Angeles is home to the largest record labels in the world but even more so to a plethora of independent labels created that cater to a specific audience.


Rising Beast records is an underground label based out of LA that caters to black metal enthusiasts and specifically fans of the genre that prefer their artists work on the analog formats (i.e. vinyl, magnetic tape etc).

They were looking for some press to help them push their releases out, so being the nice guy I am I volunteered to help these guys out and they sent me a well tailored (and very well packed) care package consisting of four releases. One of these releases they sent me is the 7″ split of Moonknight/Moloch.


Side A consists of Los Angeles based one man project Moonknight performing “Night Creature.”  Very lo fi agony-ridden melodies followed by anguish filled harmonies that reinforces the fact that Burzum is one of the most influential acts in all of underground metal and Varg’s work is still felt to this day.

Side B consists of Ukrainian based one man project Moloch performing “Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kalte der Apathie.”   Even Moloch’s visionary himself (real name Sergiy Fjordsson) recognizes, acknowledges in the credits that this track is the very true definition of “dissonance” and depressive black metal.   Every instrument is pretty much of time/key here and the vocals seemed forced, definitely blood curdling but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is what he was aiming for.

Artwork for Moloch was designed and illustrated by Sergiy himself while Moonknight’s illustration was designed by Johnny Ryan.

All and all it’s different from what I listen to but it works well and I believe that any fan of extreme black metal will appreciate this.


Up next is the cassette  reissue (and original debut album) of Los Angeles based Lightning Swords of Death entitled “The Golden Plague.”


These guys shred, without a doubt.   Initially signed to Metal Blade records back in 09, Rising Beast did a solid job  re-releasing this on the cassette format.  Seven tracks with a total running time of 32 minutes of blistering thrash infused black metal.    Recording quality of the album tells the DIY ethic of the band during its early days when they were starting out (very lo-fi, sounds like it was recorded directly into a recorder).

Best tracks include the punishing “Plunder & Lightning”, “Loathsome” and “Ghost of a Thousand Broken Blades.”

If you’re looking for a good reason to check these dudes out, Nick Oliveri called me a few weeks back telling me about this band and he wants me to see them with him.

Good call on his part, they fucking ruled The Joint that night.


Krayl, an Indian black metal project founded by Svartblod (Lobotomical, Abstract Torture) whose release with Rising Beast is entitled “von dusteren Welten. “



I would say this album was the most interesting of the care package that was sent to me.  I say this because it’s not just a straight metal album (nor is there any super musical elements in it as well) but because it is an album that I feel one doesn’t listen to but one experiences.

Four tracks consisting of metal infused shoe gaze that can produce some rather interesting visuals when taken in the right environment and with the right amount of psychedelics, I might say!

The stand out track of this release would have to be the final “Shadows of Mutilated Elves” track, very heavy and very droning.   To best summarize, think of Quorthon’s vocal mix from the first Bathory release mixed in with a SunnO))) album and you’ll somewhat get the scope of this.


Final review goes to Moonknight, who happens to also be the founder of Rising Beast Records as well.

Kill It

His album, entitled “Toplov” is his one man project while he has not busy playing for his other band, Harassor.   The album consists of 14 tracks of melancholic blackened thrash with piercing guitar work, prevalent blast beasts and vocals so harsh that it rivals Dead’s vocal mix in Mayhem’s legendary release “Live in Leipzig” with production elements that heavily remind of Darkthrone’s release “Transylvanian Hunger.”

I throughly enjoyed this release, it’s hard, angry and pretty much capitalizes on why I started Shattered Platter in the first place, to get these types of artists and releases more exposure.    The tracks Zelator and S-TA sounds reminds me a lot of earlier Xasthur recordings and production techniques.  The minor scaling riff provides extra dark harmony with the tortured vocals being shrieked in the background through 5:12 of just raw, angry recording.


For more information about Rising Beast Records, check out the following links below.








Album Review: Jonny Manak & The Depressives – “Primitive Sounds For A Modern World”

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Well, this is kind of a stray away from my normal material that usually consists of heavy music but hell, it’s refreshing!

The Bay Area, home of Anchor Steam beer, the hated SF Giants, birthplace of US thrash metal and the current home of a bad ass garage punk band called Jonny Manak & The Depressives.

Who is Jonny Manak & The Depressives you ask?!?   This band is 3 piece powerhouse from the San Jose/Oakland area who stick to their guns and influences when it comes to bangin’ out good ol’ rock n’ roll tunes and LPs (they’ve released 3 so far)   Band consists of:

– An ex pro skateboarder named Jonny Manak (Fun Fact: His brother Chris, is the head of indie hip hop label giant Stones Throw Records)

– Flogging Molly’s/Dee Dee Ramone/Streetwalkin Cheetah’s ex bassist Bobby Wilcox.

– Flexx Bronco’s own Andy on the drums

What are they releasing you ask?!?  A new album of course, duh!  Their new record is called Primitive Sounds for A Modern World and is being released via a partnership between Manak’s own Reach Around Records and a new start up called Self Destructo Records.  14 tracks of garage rock hymns is what your getting with this. 

When is this coming out?!?  Street date for this polyvinyl chloride infused piece of fun is set for early May but you can now download the album in it’s entirety via iTunes or stream it over Spotify.



Album cover is awesome, props to David McHank for the tiki man sketch!

So, let’s get in the review part.  This album is really fun and super catchy to the ears, take it from me a…a guy who practically listens to nothing but Goatsnake and Turbonegro….this album was really fun.

These 14 tracks make you move your head like the way when you first heard Radio Birdman’s “Radios Appear” album back when you were first getting into punk rock.  I specfically note the track “Ride the Barrell (and get Pitted) as the cream of this album though, that track’s tempo and hooks are as catchy as it gets.

Another foot tapper is the song Wha-Bam! (which by coincidence has kinda become his trademark saying with the band). It sounds like something The Saint’s would have done but obviously came to late on it, total power pop sounding track.

This album is not just a studio album but also a live album as Side B was recorded during a live session at KFJC over in the San Jose area. Songs from this side consist of back catalog material + new material that never had proper studio release (from what I understand is in the works!).

All in all, Primitive Sounds For A Modern World is a fun album from the starting track :Wha-Bam!: to the finishing track of the consequence of choosing a road to travel and bearing the outcomes “Choose My Fate.”

3 guys, a home studio, a passion for doing what they love and making it happen regardless of the outcome. America, take notice!

Jonny Manak & The Depressives – “Primitive Sounds For a Modern World”

Album review: Kverlertak – “Meir”

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Norway…… The land of Scandinavian black metal, prevalent  church burnings and a little band called Turbonegro.

With these native cultural and musical elements encompassed into recording sessions, Norway’s own Kvelartek is able to launch more fury at heavy music community worldwide with their latest offering entitled “Meir” which hit record stores worldwide on 3/25/13 via Roadrunner Records and will be released on vinyl 4/9/2013 courtesy of Norway’s Indie Recordings.

Kverlatek’s style mixes both hardcore punk chord strucuture, frantic black metal blast beats and dual harmonies coinciding with a vocal structure that always keep pace throughout “Meirs” 11 tracks of blistering aggression. They leave no room for the listener to abosrb what they’re hearing until well after the album ends, relentless assault throughout.

“Meir” also marks the return of the band’s collaboration with notable heavy music engineer Kurt Ballou (Converge) who also sat behind the production helm and assisted in shaping the sound of their self titled debut back in 2011.

Another key return for the Kvelertak camp is the involvement of Savanna, GA based artist John Dyer Baizley (Baroness) who is responsible for their stunningly detailed illustrations used for their album covers.  Cover illustration used for “Meir” below.


“Meir’s” attitude is a definite continuation from where Kverlertak left off in 2011. With the three man guitar assualt consisting of Vidar Landa, Bjarte Lund Rolland and Maciek Ofstad, they blend the ripping chord interchanges of Darkthrone, the heavy hooks and catchiness of Turbonegro and the dual solo harmonies of Iron Maiden. Tracks like Spring Fra Livet (translated Run From Life) showcase the whole bands talents from staying tight during random progressions to blending elements of black metal with anthem like hooks that translate into an overall 3:25 minutes of overall energy from start to finish.

Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik’s voice matches so well with the energy throughout the album, he’s full force from start to finish. Even on mellower tracks that have acoustic arrangements (i.e. Evig Vandrar, Snilepisk and the single Bruane Brenn) his voice shatters the acoustic arrangements and gives cue to the heaviness that ensues the listener.

To summarize this album, it’s one of the great new pieces of heavy music to come into 2013. This band has accomplished a lot for themselves in only six years of existence (worldwide tours, festival appearances, gold award presentation by Dave Grohl in their hometown etc) and they’re only getting started on US audiences, even after considerable praise by fans from their festival appearance in Austin TX back in November (I was there, they ruled and everyone else I got drunk with thought so as well).

Damn, Turbonegro releases Sexual Harassment only some months ago and now this……….Scandinavia is coming on strong!!

JR Hayes (Pig Destroyer vox) talks influences and recommends some tunes.

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Love this Spirit of St. Louis turntable/cd/cassette combo. A birthday present from my Grandma many many years ago.


At first I thought this was just a decent collection of “lost” tracks, then I realized that it one of his finest albums. soul sleaze anthems from the most soulful white boy around.


I’ve probably listened to Lou Reed more than any other artist. I don’t know if I can give higher praise than that. A killer album in a long, long list of killer albums.


Grind/hardcore band from Ft. Smith Arkansas. Angry and punk as fuck. The 7″ on Slap a Ham is also essential.


Speaking of Slap a Ham, here’s a crucial split of power violence royalty. Maybe I’m a little biased being a VA boy, but Suppression deserve waaaaaay more recognition. One of my favorite bands from that era.


Classic debut from the smooth talking NOLA MC. The title track alone is worth the price of admission.


Post moody hardcore from DC, kind of like a crankier Fugazi. One of my favorite Dischord releases.


Mean, pulverizing grind from NOLA. Thanks to the Priapus boys for turning me on to this band! This shit is so sick!


This New Zealand band has been writing great songs for decades. If you even kind of like indie rock or lo-fi, then meet your new best friends.


Bulldozing metallic hardcore from Germany. Sort of like Rorshach’s “Protestant” LP sprinkled with “essence of Hanneman”.


I am just in awe of this band. The Nachos make other hardcore bands sound like a bunch of little sissies. Feel the hate.


New Pig Destoyer album “Book Burner” out now via Relapse Records on CD and LP.


Rob Nowak (Drummer/Manager of Against The Grain) – Interview

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  1.  Tell me about yourselves, how did ATG come to fruition?  Who are you guys, what are you doing, why are you doing it and who is going to stop you?

The story of ATG coming together is actually pretty sweet.  I and Nick are child hood best friends and Chris (my brother) and Kyle are best friends from childhood.  Chris and I played in a band since he was 9, and I was 12, and after that fell apart about 6 years ago we had pretty much cashed in being in a band.  It been about 2 years since we rocked, and Nick started mentioning how he wanted to jam.  Well Nick got hit by a speeding car, and got hospitalized right in front of me.  After about 6 months of intense physical therapy he told me all he wanted was to jam.   Meanwhile that happened; I (Rob) just started working in the meat department at my job, and met Bryan, an avid music lover and jammer.  Bryan was obsessed with the blues and old rock, and I was into punk and speed rock like Zeke.  After talking about music, we decided to get together to jam.  Chris was upstairs with a broken couple fingers, heard the jam, and came downstairs.  Next thing you know, I got at nick and me Bryan, Chris, and nick started jamming.  Kyle joined the band later after Bryan revealed he could not tour.  Bryan still helps write and plays any close to home shows with us.

2.   You guys come from Detroit, MI; an area that has its fair share of killer bands come out of that scene in it’s past.  What kind of response have you been getting in the Detroit area and can you describe what is happening in that scene currently?

 Detroit has an incredible scene, you just have to work hard and flier/promote.  We were lucky enough to catch the attention of the bands we really admired like Hellmouth ( featuring  Jay of the Suicide Machines), The Meatmen, Easy Action, and a bunch of other great bands so we were able to be apart of a lot of great lineups and tours.  After a couple great starts of shows a lot of the venues in Detroit started to let us rock there and put on great shows.  The hometown support we get from friends, fans, promoters, the venues, and other bands is incredible and really helps us. That kind of support makes touring feel necessary.  Right now the scene is getting bigger and bigger, and because of that we’re able to bring bands like The Hookers through and show them great times.  Detroit truly is “Detroit Rock City”.

3.  In your relatively short time of existence, you’ve shared the stage with some serious players in heavy music (i.e. Valient Thorr, Holley 750, Zeke, and Jello Biafra to name a few).  What would be your pinnacle band to play with (besides Motorhead)?

 There are literally hundreds of bands we still want to rock with from stoner, to punk, to rock.  Dream tour to be a part of; Zeke, Red Fang, Valient Thorr, and Against the Grain.

4.  You guys have been around since 2009; Detroit was going through some heavy stuff around that time with the Recession and all.  Was that an element that played heavily in the topics of your guy’s first album release?

 I’d say it had way more of an effect on us with the feeling of needing to get out on the road.  Detroit can swallow you whole, and you can spend your whole life there trying to get respect or “make it”.  We knew that there was no way the rest of the world could be doing so bad, and used it as motivation to want to get out there.  Detroit is our home, and sometimes being parts of a recession like that can drive you get out there.

5.  Besides the new album, what can we expect from the ATG camp in the near future?  You guys got a huge domestic tour coming up.

 ATG is just getting started.  We’ve done 9 tours so far, and plan on touring as much as possible. At least 125 shows a year, and if things pick up hopefully a lot more.   We want to keep releasing records and bringing speed-rock to the forefront. Expect some sort of release every year (hopefully a ton of 7” and splits soon). Musically, it’s be safe to say we plan on covering a lot of grounds, but all within raw rock and roll grounds.  Punk, d-beat, speed-rock, stoner, rock and roll, all mixed in. We love all forms of heavy and raw music, and each release will continue to show that.  We like to throw a couple different elements into each record.  Our first record was a lot softer. In Motor City Speed Rock, we wanted to write a rip-your-fucking-head-off record.  Surrounded By Snakes is more rock and stoner orientated, but definitely still has some speed-rock fast as shit moments.  Basically, we’re here to stay and are going to keep on rocking as long as its fun to us.   

Adam McGrath (Cave In, Zozobra Guitarist) stokes on these LP’s currently.

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I use Gemini Xl – 500 II turntable through a Sherwood S-7200 receiver along with some Advent speakers.



Here’s my list of what I’ve been listening to as of lately:

Brian Eno – Live at the BBC.


KISS- Rock And Roll Over.


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away.


Andy Summers/Robert Fripp- I Advanced Mask

Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers


Scott Walker-2


Junior Marvin- Police & ThievesImage

Cluter & Eno


Heavy Blanket 


Earth – Pentastar:In The Style Of Demons



Zozobra is about to release a new album via Brutal Panda records entitled “Savage Masters”.  Streaming for the selected tracks “Venom Hell” and “Black Holes” can be found here:



Pre-order of the LP, scheduled to be released 4/2/2 can be made at


Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator, Kyuss, The Dwarves, QOTSA)

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Nick Oliveri aka Rex Everything aka The Moisty Mangler

“Records you need, and why you should listen them list”
1. Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” 
this is the first “dark” record i ever owned. I was a kid when I heard the rain at the beginning of this classic album. It still inspires me! N.I.B. , the Wizard, Black Sabbath, Evil Woman. (to name a few). You know this record, and if you don’t, go fuck yourself! Ha Ha !  Anyways, the cover was banned in the U.S. , so it came out in the states a year late. released in 1969 (internationally) as a gatefold with an upside down cross inside! Released in U.S. in 1970 without cross and no gatefold. 😦  land of the free
2. Black Flag “Damaged”
From start to finish, the most intense record (without losing hooks and chorus’) ever made. I wish there was something new that would move me, the way this record does. I would be there biggest fan!
3. TurboNegro “Ass Cobra”
ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!! those who know, live it. those who don’t, learn it. you wont be sorry. I love it.
4. Gx Gx  A l l i N & the Murder Junkies “Brutality & Bloodshed for All”
holy shit! pissed off and pissed on! ha ha GG forever! lyrics he wrote while in prison, his most angry record ever! Love the Jabbers stuff too! Gems: I’ll Slice your throat , Highest Power , Take Aim , Brutality and Bloodshed for All.
B-L-O-O-D-S-H-E-D Now!!!!!!
5. Cro-Mags “Age of Quarrel” 
first saw this band with GBH at Fenders International Grand Ball Room. I was 14 or 15 years old and I can remember them elevating on stage! i was pretty young very high and also very moved by there music, so i was probably trippin’! all the same , this record kills! Please get this , if you don’t already know.  WE GOTTA KNOW
6. Bad Brains “Rock for Light”
Fuck Yeah. We can ALL only wish to be as bad ass as Bad Brains.
7. Trash Talk “Shame”
The best band i’ve seen and heard in a long time. I choose “Shame” because it’s the “Walking Disease” 45 , “Plagues” 45, “Trash Talk S/T” album, and “East of Eden” 45  all on one LP. all the best stuff. also get “Eyes and Nines” LP. buy the records , go see them live. these guys are the best.
8. Ramones “Road to Ruin”
Yeah, yeah she’s the one!
still my favorite
9. Dwarves “Blood Guts and Pussy” 
Going down to the drug store! I saw this lineup at the country club in Reseda. they played with the Melvins , Chemical People and headliners Poison Idea!  Blag punched me in the face during the gem “Astro Boy” when i came back to hit him back he had jumped into the drums and they were done! I love this band so much , i joined them in 1993. been making records with them ever since!!!!!
10. Slayer “Reign in Blood”
Nine Circles

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