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Greg Millan (Battery Man for The Generators/It’s Casual) talks top 10!

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Ok bro its tough to only have ten but here we go…..


1. Suicidal Tendencies……Suicidal Tendencies (Frontier)

This was my first peek at punk rock it changed my life!!!
Thanks to my older brother Art who was at The olympic Auditorium every other weekend in 83′. I was a lil too young to hit those early shows, but i got the music!!!


2. Little Richard…………….The Very Best of (?)

My favorite Vocalist of all time!!!!!
Not to mention Insane feel on the drums!! As well as being a MADMAN off stage, openly gay/Bi in the 50’s??? Wow that took balls!!!! Kudos to lil Richard!


3. The Who…………………..Live @ Leeds (MCA/Decca/Polydor)

A study in what playing LIVE is to me!!! When i play shows with
It’s Casual we actually have a Séance to channel Kieth Moon!!!!
And unlike houdini IT WORKS!!!!!


4. The Rolling Stones……..Exile on Main St. (Rolling Stones Records)

I can listen to this album for ever!!!!!!!


5. Missing Persons…………Spring Session M (Capitol)

I spent a couple years of my life learning this album “Note for note”
Yes i said it, “YEARS”!!!! LOL I was 15 but i did it!!!!
Still love it!


6. AC/DC……………………..Highway to Hell (Atlantic)

I have a Tattoo on my hand, It says WWBD.
What would Bon do?!!!!!!! THats how i live my life!!!!!
Malcome/Angus/phill/cliff =POWER!!!!!


7. Riot…………………………Fire Down Under (Elektra)

I was lucky enough to see the”Classic” RIOT line up at the troubadour. Me & My brother stole my pops truck to go to the see this show!!! He was awake when we got home. I had a prostitute with me. LOL!!! He hit me one time! Needless to say i never did that again!!


8. The Dwarves……………. Are Young and Good Looking (Epitaph)

Although my favorite Dwarves drummer Greg (Gregory Pecker) Seanz isn’t on this record it marked the transformation of this phenomenal band!!!! For sure one of my all time favorite live bands relentless!!!!!!!


9. Redd Kross……………….Nuerotica (Big Time Records)

In 1987 i thought playing the sunset strip was a great goal to have. So i started going to The Whiskey, Roxy etc….The first band i saw was REDD KROSS. I went home and realized the i sucked!!!! I practiced for another year or two before i played my first show, Via fake I.D.!!!!


10.Kiss…………………………ALIVE II (Casablanca)

Opening up Kiss ALIVE II Was CRAZY in 78′!!!!!! I was 9 years old
Between this album and Evel Knievel i knew i could do ANYTHING i wanted to do!!!!!!


It’s Casual/Fatso Jetson/The Generators/Chuck Dukowski Sextet

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It was a perennial landmark moment for LA hardcore duo It’s Casual on 11/23, they got to celebrate the release of their new album “The New Los Angeles Part II: Less Violence and More Violins” by performing the new album in it’s entirety along with the precursor “The New Los Angeles.”



To kick off the night was the Westside’s own Chuck Dukowski Sextet, led by hardcore punk’s most recognizable bass player Chuck Dukowski.   The band blew through their past catalog of songs and performed new material such as “Alchemists of Poison” and “All is One” and ended the set with the classic “My War” that Dukowski penned himself





Chuck 1



Up next came LA’s own OG punk rockers, The Generators (fea. Greg Milan of It’s Casual).




Gen 2


Set List includes

1. Sound off the alarms
2. Here i go
3. You against you
4. Stand in doubt
5. Smoke and mirrors
6. Angels looking down
7. Red Carpet
8. Tryanny
9. My Curse
10. Fallen world
11. Dead at 16


After The Generators came Palm Desert’s very own Fatso Jetson.  The Lali Brother (Mario and Larry) have kept this beast moving since 94 and just recently included another Lalli member: Dino (Mario’s son) on guitar.   Doing what they do best, they blasted such Fatso classics as “Railjob” and “Golden Age of Cellblock Slang.”





After what I thought was sonic punishment enough, It’s Casual came on next.   For those who don’t know or understand It’s Casual, it’s Eddie Solis’s alter ego…loud, abrasive, brutally raw and very stoked!


Eddie and WCE punished the audience with monster riffs coming from his wall of SVT’s and Marshall stacks being played through is Explorer body ESP.

Eddie 2


Eddie 3


For the first part of the set, the band blasted all the way through their HC biography “The New Los Angeles” and then continued on with their sonic assault by debuting their newest album and follow up “The New Los Angeles II” in it’s entirety live before the audience.

Beast Mode Solis!!!

Beast Mode Solis!!!

Track list:

1) The new Los Angeles
3) Skate or die
4) Too many kids
5) Impound
6) We accept EBT
7) The pantry
8) The Red Line
9) EZ pass
10) The Gold Line
11) Less violence more violins
12) Keep the children occupied
13) California is not an atm machine
14) Wic
15) Live food
16) Sharing is not caring
17) Their own cash
18) Tap card
19) The gap is widening
20) Kids having Kids

All photos copyrighted by Bureau of Industrial Imaging and Ish Fauxtography


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