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Rob Nowak (Drummer/Manager of Against The Grain) – Interview

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  1.  Tell me about yourselves, how did ATG come to fruition?  Who are you guys, what are you doing, why are you doing it and who is going to stop you?

The story of ATG coming together is actually pretty sweet.  I and Nick are child hood best friends and Chris (my brother) and Kyle are best friends from childhood.  Chris and I played in a band since he was 9, and I was 12, and after that fell apart about 6 years ago we had pretty much cashed in being in a band.  It been about 2 years since we rocked, and Nick started mentioning how he wanted to jam.  Well Nick got hit by a speeding car, and got hospitalized right in front of me.  After about 6 months of intense physical therapy he told me all he wanted was to jam.   Meanwhile that happened; I (Rob) just started working in the meat department at my job, and met Bryan, an avid music lover and jammer.  Bryan was obsessed with the blues and old rock, and I was into punk and speed rock like Zeke.  After talking about music, we decided to get together to jam.  Chris was upstairs with a broken couple fingers, heard the jam, and came downstairs.  Next thing you know, I got at nick and me Bryan, Chris, and nick started jamming.  Kyle joined the band later after Bryan revealed he could not tour.  Bryan still helps write and plays any close to home shows with us.

2.   You guys come from Detroit, MI; an area that has its fair share of killer bands come out of that scene in it’s past.  What kind of response have you been getting in the Detroit area and can you describe what is happening in that scene currently?

 Detroit has an incredible scene, you just have to work hard and flier/promote.  We were lucky enough to catch the attention of the bands we really admired like Hellmouth ( featuring  Jay of the Suicide Machines), The Meatmen, Easy Action, and a bunch of other great bands so we were able to be apart of a lot of great lineups and tours.  After a couple great starts of shows a lot of the venues in Detroit started to let us rock there and put on great shows.  The hometown support we get from friends, fans, promoters, the venues, and other bands is incredible and really helps us. That kind of support makes touring feel necessary.  Right now the scene is getting bigger and bigger, and because of that we’re able to bring bands like The Hookers through and show them great times.  Detroit truly is “Detroit Rock City”.

3.  In your relatively short time of existence, you’ve shared the stage with some serious players in heavy music (i.e. Valient Thorr, Holley 750, Zeke, and Jello Biafra to name a few).  What would be your pinnacle band to play with (besides Motorhead)?

 There are literally hundreds of bands we still want to rock with from stoner, to punk, to rock.  Dream tour to be a part of; Zeke, Red Fang, Valient Thorr, and Against the Grain.

4.  You guys have been around since 2009; Detroit was going through some heavy stuff around that time with the Recession and all.  Was that an element that played heavily in the topics of your guy’s first album release?

 I’d say it had way more of an effect on us with the feeling of needing to get out on the road.  Detroit can swallow you whole, and you can spend your whole life there trying to get respect or “make it”.  We knew that there was no way the rest of the world could be doing so bad, and used it as motivation to want to get out there.  Detroit is our home, and sometimes being parts of a recession like that can drive you get out there.

5.  Besides the new album, what can we expect from the ATG camp in the near future?  You guys got a huge domestic tour coming up.

 ATG is just getting started.  We’ve done 9 tours so far, and plan on touring as much as possible. At least 125 shows a year, and if things pick up hopefully a lot more.   We want to keep releasing records and bringing speed-rock to the forefront. Expect some sort of release every year (hopefully a ton of 7” and splits soon). Musically, it’s be safe to say we plan on covering a lot of grounds, but all within raw rock and roll grounds.  Punk, d-beat, speed-rock, stoner, rock and roll, all mixed in. We love all forms of heavy and raw music, and each release will continue to show that.  We like to throw a couple different elements into each record.  Our first record was a lot softer. In Motor City Speed Rock, we wanted to write a rip-your-fucking-head-off record.  Surrounded By Snakes is more rock and stoner orientated, but definitely still has some speed-rock fast as shit moments.  Basically, we’re here to stay and are going to keep on rocking as long as its fun to us.   

Gravehill @ The Joint (3/12/2013)

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Gravehill, a five piece death metal machine that hails from Anaheim, CA .  Members include the following:

– Mike Abdominator (Vox)

CC Dekill (Guitar)

Hell Messiah (Guitar)

J. Corpsemolester (Bass)

Thorgrimm (Drums)

They’ve currently wrapping up a short West Coast tour they’re doing with Death Metal pioneers Deceased entitled “March of the Cadavers.”  Other notable acts they’ve had the opportunities to play with include: Eyehategod, Harassor, Exhumed, Nausea, Ghoul and legendary death metal act Possessed.

It’s been a long time since I went to a death metal show, it was my thing practically back in college.  To say nonetheless, it was refreshing to go see something again that I’ve been a way from for a long time.

Gravehill’s sound does pay respect to the old school Florida/Scott Burns sound and they’re live show is pretty interactive as well.  Mike Abdominator likes to bullshit with fans whenever he gets the opportunity while preaching Gravehill’s message of “death metal violence/no lube action.”

During their hour long set, they blasted through back catalog material from their albums “When All Roads Lead to Hell” and “Rites of the Pentagram” + ended the night by paying homage to the ultimate scumbag known to music.

Black Blood Rising
Devil Worshiper
Unending Lust for Evil
The Ascending Fire
Decibel Ritual
GG Allin Cover: I Kill Everything

Good set, an hour long of audible decimation.  Not much else I can say about it, check these guys out if you’re a local or if they’re passing through your area.



(All photos courtesy and copyrights of Ish Fauxtography)



Adam McGrath (Cave In, Zozobra Guitarist) stokes on these LP’s currently.

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I use Gemini Xl – 500 II turntable through a Sherwood S-7200 receiver along with some Advent speakers.



Here’s my list of what I’ve been listening to as of lately:

Brian Eno – Live at the BBC.


KISS- Rock And Roll Over.


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away.


Andy Summers/Robert Fripp- I Advanced Mask

Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers


Scott Walker-2


Junior Marvin- Police & ThievesImage

Cluter & Eno


Heavy Blanket 


Earth – Pentastar:In The Style Of Demons



Zozobra is about to release a new album via Brutal Panda records entitled “Savage Masters”.  Streaming for the selected tracks “Venom Hell” and “Black Holes” can be found here:



Pre-order of the LP, scheduled to be released 4/2/2 can be made at


Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator, Kyuss, The Dwarves, QOTSA)

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Nick Oliveri aka Rex Everything aka The Moisty Mangler

“Records you need, and why you should listen them list”
1. Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath” 
this is the first “dark” record i ever owned. I was a kid when I heard the rain at the beginning of this classic album. It still inspires me! N.I.B. , the Wizard, Black Sabbath, Evil Woman. (to name a few). You know this record, and if you don’t, go fuck yourself! Ha Ha !  Anyways, the cover was banned in the U.S. , so it came out in the states a year late. released in 1969 (internationally) as a gatefold with an upside down cross inside! Released in U.S. in 1970 without cross and no gatefold. 😦  land of the free
2. Black Flag “Damaged”
From start to finish, the most intense record (without losing hooks and chorus’) ever made. I wish there was something new that would move me, the way this record does. I would be there biggest fan!
3. TurboNegro “Ass Cobra”
ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!! those who know, live it. those who don’t, learn it. you wont be sorry. I love it.
4. Gx Gx  A l l i N & the Murder Junkies “Brutality & Bloodshed for All”
holy shit! pissed off and pissed on! ha ha GG forever! lyrics he wrote while in prison, his most angry record ever! Love the Jabbers stuff too! Gems: I’ll Slice your throat , Highest Power , Take Aim , Brutality and Bloodshed for All.
B-L-O-O-D-S-H-E-D Now!!!!!!
5. Cro-Mags “Age of Quarrel” 
first saw this band with GBH at Fenders International Grand Ball Room. I was 14 or 15 years old and I can remember them elevating on stage! i was pretty young very high and also very moved by there music, so i was probably trippin’! all the same , this record kills! Please get this , if you don’t already know.  WE GOTTA KNOW
6. Bad Brains “Rock for Light”
Fuck Yeah. We can ALL only wish to be as bad ass as Bad Brains.
7. Trash Talk “Shame”
The best band i’ve seen and heard in a long time. I choose “Shame” because it’s the “Walking Disease” 45 , “Plagues” 45, “Trash Talk S/T” album, and “East of Eden” 45  all on one LP. all the best stuff. also get “Eyes and Nines” LP. buy the records , go see them live. these guys are the best.
8. Ramones “Road to Ruin”
Yeah, yeah she’s the one!
still my favorite
9. Dwarves “Blood Guts and Pussy” 
Going down to the drug store! I saw this lineup at the country club in Reseda. they played with the Melvins , Chemical People and headliners Poison Idea!  Blag punched me in the face during the gem “Astro Boy” when i came back to hit him back he had jumped into the drums and they were done! I love this band so much , i joined them in 1993. been making records with them ever since!!!!!
10. Slayer “Reign in Blood”

Tatsuo Mikami (Bass/Founder of Church of Misery) interview

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1. How did the US tour go for you all? I saw the Los Angeles show and you guys killed it @ The Satellite. Were you able to link up with other bands along the way for some jam sessions on stage?

Yeah, our 1st US tour was really successful!!  There were so many audience came to our shows everywhere! We sold 970 T-shirts in 2 weeks! Thank you everyone! Jam session? Yes! We sometimes play Vitus song “War is our destiny” as encore.Troy from “Hail! Hornet” & Karl from “Gates of Slumber” joined to play many times. Its really fan!!

By the way, as I tell you that this US tour was 1st time to us. I’ve been got tons of mail from US since late 90’s. You enjoyed our show??? Of course we enjoyed & satisfied with Us fans. Its great times!!!


2. What’s in the mix for future Church of Misery projects/albums?

Yeah, we already preparing for upcoming new album! We will enter the studio for Demo recording day after tomorrow – its pre-production. I wrote 6 new songs. And at the end of this month, we will began to start to record new album. Title is not yet, but we have track list 

1. inst




5. ONE BLIND MICE ( Quartermass cover )




Lee from Rise Above says that it is going to out in May. After release of new album, we have a plan to tour Europe / Australia. and….hopefully in USA!


3. When I’ve talked to other people who are familiar with your music, they link you  to the serial killer aesthetic that is prevalent throughout your music. Just out of curiosity, how did the serial killer topics come to be a part of Church of Misery’s package?

First of all, I disgusted about typical lyrics by typical Stoner band’s – “smoke weed get high” or “trip to the unknown galaxy”. Its boring to me. In the beginning of Church, I’ve been reading & watching about “Serial killer”. Its really interested – process from normal guy to psychotic killers. Its very very interesting story. And I thought that these topic is very fit to our heavy & doomy music. That is the reason I choose this topic. And this combination is really strong & brutal. Its best for CoM.


4. I don’t hear of too many heavy acts to come out of Japan other than you guys and Boris. Can you please shine a light on what other acts you would recommend hearing that is coming from Asia Pacific?

First of all I must be say : There are No Doom scene, here in JAPAN. As you told me now, there are only 2 doom band – Church of Misery//Etrnal Elysium. No young band, only us. We sometimes play together but I don’t think it is going to make Doom scene. As for Church, we really disappointed with this situation and that is reason why we always tour overseas.BORIS?? They are just “sell-out” band.



5. What act would you love to share the stage with that you haven’t already?  

On US tour, we played with mighty “SAINT VITUS” 3 times and “Dave ” put on our shirts on stage! Its amazing. They are biggest influenced me how to play & make “Doom” music. But….share the stage with that you haven’t already?  BLACK SABBATH with original line up,ha!!


Henry Rollins talks about his TT set up + his listening habits these days. Enjoy!

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I use a Rega P3 turntable.


Later this year I will be getting a Grand Prix Monaco 1.5 turntable but don’t know what tonearm I will get yet.


I have been listening to a lot of heavy music on LP lately.

High On Fire, – De Vermis Mysteriis (Relapse)


Sleep – Dopesmoker Re-issue (Southern Lord)



My Cat Is An Alien – mixed


and a lot of strange stuff from Finland.




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