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Shattered Platter’s take: Rising Beast Records

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The city of Los Angeles is home to the largest record labels in the world but even more so to a plethora of independent labels created that cater to a specific audience.


Rising Beast records is an underground label based out of LA that caters to black metal enthusiasts and specifically fans of the genre that prefer their artists work on the analog formats (i.e. vinyl, magnetic tape etc).

They were looking for some press to help them push their releases out, so being the nice guy I am I volunteered to help these guys out and they sent me a well tailored (and very well packed) care package consisting of four releases. One of these releases they sent me is the 7″ split of Moonknight/Moloch.


Side A consists of Los Angeles based one man project Moonknight performing “Night Creature.”  Very lo fi agony-ridden melodies followed by anguish filled harmonies that reinforces the fact that Burzum is one of the most influential acts in all of underground metal and Varg’s work is still felt to this day.

Side B consists of Ukrainian based one man project Moloch performing “Die letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kalte der Apathie.”   Even Moloch’s visionary himself (real name Sergiy Fjordsson) recognizes, acknowledges in the credits that this track is the very true definition of “dissonance” and depressive black metal.   Every instrument is pretty much of time/key here and the vocals seemed forced, definitely blood curdling but it wouldn’t surprise me if this is what he was aiming for.

Artwork for Moloch was designed and illustrated by Sergiy himself while Moonknight’s illustration was designed by Johnny Ryan.

All and all it’s different from what I listen to but it works well and I believe that any fan of extreme black metal will appreciate this.


Up next is the cassette  reissue (and original debut album) of Los Angeles based Lightning Swords of Death entitled “The Golden Plague.”


These guys shred, without a doubt.   Initially signed to Metal Blade records back in 09, Rising Beast did a solid job  re-releasing this on the cassette format.  Seven tracks with a total running time of 32 minutes of blistering thrash infused black metal.    Recording quality of the album tells the DIY ethic of the band during its early days when they were starting out (very lo-fi, sounds like it was recorded directly into a recorder).

Best tracks include the punishing “Plunder & Lightning”, “Loathsome” and “Ghost of a Thousand Broken Blades.”

If you’re looking for a good reason to check these dudes out, Nick Oliveri called me a few weeks back telling me about this band and he wants me to see them with him.

Good call on his part, they fucking ruled The Joint that night.


Krayl, an Indian black metal project founded by Svartblod (Lobotomical, Abstract Torture) whose release with Rising Beast is entitled “von dusteren Welten. “



I would say this album was the most interesting of the care package that was sent to me.  I say this because it’s not just a straight metal album (nor is there any super musical elements in it as well) but because it is an album that I feel one doesn’t listen to but one experiences.

Four tracks consisting of metal infused shoe gaze that can produce some rather interesting visuals when taken in the right environment and with the right amount of psychedelics, I might say!

The stand out track of this release would have to be the final “Shadows of Mutilated Elves” track, very heavy and very droning.   To best summarize, think of Quorthon’s vocal mix from the first Bathory release mixed in with a SunnO))) album and you’ll somewhat get the scope of this.


Final review goes to Moonknight, who happens to also be the founder of Rising Beast Records as well.

Kill It

His album, entitled “Toplov” is his one man project while he has not busy playing for his other band, Harassor.   The album consists of 14 tracks of melancholic blackened thrash with piercing guitar work, prevalent blast beasts and vocals so harsh that it rivals Dead’s vocal mix in Mayhem’s legendary release “Live in Leipzig” with production elements that heavily remind of Darkthrone’s release “Transylvanian Hunger.”

I throughly enjoyed this release, it’s hard, angry and pretty much capitalizes on why I started Shattered Platter in the first place, to get these types of artists and releases more exposure.    The tracks Zelator and S-TA sounds reminds me a lot of earlier Xasthur recordings and production techniques.  The minor scaling riff provides extra dark harmony with the tortured vocals being shrieked in the background through 5:12 of just raw, angry recording.


For more information about Rising Beast Records, check out the following links below.








Gravehill @ The Joint (3/12/2013)

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Gravehill, a five piece death metal machine that hails from Anaheim, CA .  Members include the following:

– Mike Abdominator (Vox)

CC Dekill (Guitar)

Hell Messiah (Guitar)

J. Corpsemolester (Bass)

Thorgrimm (Drums)

They’ve currently wrapping up a short West Coast tour they’re doing with Death Metal pioneers Deceased entitled “March of the Cadavers.”  Other notable acts they’ve had the opportunities to play with include: Eyehategod, Harassor, Exhumed, Nausea, Ghoul and legendary death metal act Possessed.

It’s been a long time since I went to a death metal show, it was my thing practically back in college.  To say nonetheless, it was refreshing to go see something again that I’ve been a way from for a long time.

Gravehill’s sound does pay respect to the old school Florida/Scott Burns sound and they’re live show is pretty interactive as well.  Mike Abdominator likes to bullshit with fans whenever he gets the opportunity while preaching Gravehill’s message of “death metal violence/no lube action.”

During their hour long set, they blasted through back catalog material from their albums “When All Roads Lead to Hell” and “Rites of the Pentagram” + ended the night by paying homage to the ultimate scumbag known to music.

Black Blood Rising
Devil Worshiper
Unending Lust for Evil
The Ascending Fire
Decibel Ritual
GG Allin Cover: I Kill Everything

Good set, an hour long of audible decimation.  Not much else I can say about it, check these guys out if you’re a local or if they’re passing through your area.



(All photos courtesy and copyrights of Ish Fauxtography)



Kurt Ballou (Converge, God City Studios)

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Hi Matthew,

I use a Rega Table with a Graham tone arm and Grado cartridge.
some favorite LP’s are:
Rorschach – Protestant
Sonic Youth – Goo box set
Rush – 2112
Probot – S/T
Rites of Spring – S/T
Clikatat Ikatowi – orchestrated and conducted by
Navio Forge – As We Quietly Burn A Hole Into…
The Make Up – Live at Cold Rice
Don Caballero – What Burns Never Returns
June of ’44 – Tropics and Meridians


Aaron Turner (Isis/Old Man Gloom/Mamifer/Hydrahead Records founder) interview

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Aaron Turner took some time to speak with me.  Interview is below, enjoy.


Besides the fact that you’ve managed to keep Hydra Head’s doors open for 20 years, is there anything else notable you wish to comment on regarding a project/activity that has had your direct involvement in which you’re proud of?

The word “proud” or “pride” can have strange connotations, but I will say that I feel extremely lucky to have been involved with just about all the the musical endeavors I have been in the last 20 years – both as a musician and as a facilitator of other people’s work. Almost all the great experiences of my late teenage years, college years and “adult” life have come through playing music or working with other musicians in some capacity. Most of my close friendships, and even my marriage came from this as well. I feel glad to know that some of the art and music I’ve made or helped others get out into the world has had meaning and provided inspiration to others. That is the highest goal I could’ve possibly hoped to achieve through doing what I do.

Your vinyl packaging is perhaps some of the best I’ve ever seen and it’s obvious that a lot care, thought and creativity go into its presentation.   Are you the sole brains behind the packaging concept alone or do you get input from your staff as well on what they believe would be a cool design/illustration/schematic?

 I started the label as a one person operation and the idea of producing quality packaging was part of the original ideology. I’ve definitely consulted others over the years in terms of how to approach the design and packaging for our releases – both staff and the bands /artists whom I was working for, and there have been many instances where other designers and artists created the sleeves for our releases. That said, it has been my persistent belief that music of substance deserves packaging that reflects that substance and helps to enrich the experience of the album overall.

Being the graphic artist for most of your catalog’s material, has their ever been anyone you would like to collaborate with for a design idea?

 There’s been a whole lot of people I would’ve loved to have worked with on designs and artwork, but for the most part I’ve gotten the most satisfaction out of creating album art by myself from the ground up. That has changed some in recent years in my partnership with Faith Coloccia. Working with her and having the chance to use some of her art and photos as well as having critical discussions about what I’m doing has strengthened the results of my efforts and been really enjoyable as well.

What band is the most challenging (idea wise) on HH to create a design for?

There’s nothing that immediately comes to mind, but without naming names, there have been a few instances where bands have adamant about using art or concepts that I had a really hard time accepting. I’ve always striven for a certain level of quality with our visual aesthetics, and there have been times where what a band wanted seemed to fall short of that goal. Ultimately though, I never want to stand in the way of anyone’s creative vision, and though I may have made suggestions about what to do from time to time I always left the final decision up to the artists. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there are a few records in our discography where in retrospect I wished I had been a little more totalitarian about the design though…

What sparked the idea of opening up Vacation Vinyl?  Will you be playing a more active role in the stores operations along with Pete and crew?

Vacation was born out of a lifelong desire to be an owner of a record store. I’m not sure if this was the motivation for all involved, but being that record stores were the source of many life changing documents for me I always loved the idea of being involved in one. My role in Vacation is minimal however and it’s really the people that are there day to day that make it the awesome place it is. If I still lived in LA I might be a more active participant, but as it is I’m content to watch it evolve from afar.

For all of those out there that aspire to operate their own label (regardless of what they want to put out), what words could you share through your experience with HH and also on the state of the industry today?

 Start small, move slowly, work with friends you can trust and most importantly do it because you love it. Those that are thinking of getting started now had better reconcile themselves with the fact that there is no substantial money to be made from doing this – it has to be done out of a devotion to music and fostering the work of artists whose work you respect. Having some kind of business sense would be helpful too – we’ve suffered greatly from a lack in that area. That doesn’t mean you need to be cutthroat by any means – it just means you need to know how to budget whatever funds you have, something we learned far too late. First and foremost though, heart and a healthy respect for other people’s humanity are the most important tools for running a label. At the end of the day dollars only mean so much – people and what they do is of far greater significance.

Trevor Howard (Guitar/Vox of Thread/Thunder From Heaven) STOKES on his choices of sound!!!

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hey bro,

My name is Trevor and I play guitar for Thread and Thunder From Heaven.

I am addicted to listening to vinyl because of that initial crackling sound it makes when the needle hits the record for the first time. Then there is just that moment of anticipation waiting for the music to start, it gets me every time. I have an Audio Technica AT LP2D.
Everything sounds great on it, from Converge to Claude Debussy. You can’t really beat the USB function either. 
Anyways, these are the records that have been getting played non-stop;

Gallows – Self titled

Zechs Marquise – Getting Paid
Japandroids – Celebration Rock
Baroness – Yellow & Green
Joe Walsh – …But Seriously Folks
Converge – You Fail Me
Pearl Jam – VS
Boris – Smile
Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come
Old Man Gloom – No
thanks for letting me contribute brother!! hope to see you soon for more of that black metal beer!!!

Daniel Harlan (Shame guitarist) on beer and tunes

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(you asked for it)

It’s hard to pick a favorite type of beer. I’ll drink just about anything once to try it, but I typically gravitate towards beer from breweries I know I like. I also like to drink local if possible, if only because the brew is almost guaranteed to be fresher than anything being imported from out of state/country. Freshness is a HUGE factor influencing the quality of a brew, especially for hoppy beers, which I happen to drink a lot of. I do tend to make an exception for Belgians as there are few American brewers making sours/saisons as well as traditional Belgian brewers. See De Ranke’s XX Bitter, any DuPont Saison, and Geuzes from Drie Fonteinen/Hanssens. Craftsman, Russian River, and Upright Brewing are American brewers who make consistently tasty Belgian styles.

There’s tons of incredible craft beer being brewed on the west coast right now. LA has a few new breweries that are making great stuff. Eagle Rock brewing makes tasty brews from IPAs to ginger saisons and they are less than a mile from my old house. Beachwood BBQ and Brewing in Long Beach has only been open for a year, but I swear he is making the best hoppy beer on earth. Smog City, currently in Tustin, but moving to Torrance, also makes really killer everything. Surf from Ventura also has a solid lineup of brews. I really dig their single hop series of XPAs called Shaka. Hangar 24 is also good.

Moving south, you have the Bruery in Placentia and then all the San Diegan surfer bros who will forever try to out-hop each other (Green Flash, Ballast Point,  Stone) it is getting a little out of control at this point. I love hoppy beer, but I also appreciate some amount of nuance. I’d have to say that Port/Lost Abbey is my favorite of the SD proper breweries because the Lost Abbey makes decent big brews and Belgian styles and because Mongo from Port is pretty much perfect for a Double IPA. My actual favorite brewery in SD county would be Alpine, they are a little further out, but they make great hoppy beer: Duet and Nelson are both amazing brews that I snatch up whenever I find them.

Having been in the bay area for the last 11 day, it’s been nice having Russian River brews (Blind Pig and all their sours –tempation, supplication, consecration– are favorites) readily available as well as stuff from Moonlight. Reality Czeck, a bohemian pilsner, is great hot day drinking. Oddly enough, the weather is nice and cool up here so I’ve been in the mood for some darker brews. Magnolia is a brewpub, that is totally worth visiting, despite being located in the Haight (barf). The crowd is weird: yuppies and haight-ashbury deadhead hippie buttholes, but whatever. They do traditional British styles really well and that’s hard to find on the West Coast, as until recently our craft brewers have been in an arms race to make bigger and bolder everything, which is great and all, but it’s nice to have something that’s balanced, subtle, and sessionable. The last couple years have seen a trend to make less in-your-face beers, and Magnolia does it as well as anybody. They also have 5 or so casks on at any given time, which is virtually unheard of at American beer bars.

I also have to mention Sierra Nevada among the best of NorCal breweries. I am a total fanboy. Sierra Pale is the beer that opened my eyes to craft beer and one that probably consumed more of than any other single beer out there.  They’re often either cast aside or taken for granted because they are huge, but they are the only brewery I can think of that makes beer as consistently good as they do on the scale that they do. They’ve also been doing it for longer than pretty much anybody except for Anchor, who is also impressive for similar reasons. Linden St, Dying Vines, and Drake’s area other bay area breweries worth checking out.

Anyway I could prattle on for quite some time, but you get the point. Ultimately drink what you want, or not at all. I try not to get to snobby about beer unless someone asks, but in general I feel like there is too much good beer out there to waste your money on corporate swill. Try not to be fooled by fake craft brands either i.e. blue moon (miller) and shock-top (Anheuser-Busch) which tastes like pez. Also, if you are trying to find good brews, go to brewery tap rooms and talk to bartenders and brewers. They are generally eager to talk about what’s good and why.

As far as pouring tips are concerned, there’s no magical technique. Start the pour gently into the side of the glass and then finish by pouring a little harder into the center of the beer to create some head (2 fingers is what most people aim for, but it doesn’t really matter). The most important thing is that if you want to enjoy a nice beer, ALWAYS pour it into something, be it from a bottle or can, and to be sure plenty of great beer now comes in cans. I am a sucker for glassware, but you just need one trusty glass to drink out of. I like tulips and snifters just cause they look sexy and are still bottom-heavy.


I am too much of a drunken klutz to trust myself with a top-heavy wine glass. I also rinse my glasses with water before pouring beer, otherwise you’ll notice that a lot of the beer you taste has “notes of soap”.


Finally, since you asked: I do not own a record player 😦 but as soon as I get a job up here, I’d like to get something easy to use and inexpensive, that is not a total piece of shit, so feel free to recommend something. Until then I play all of my music on an Acer 6920 laptop that I’ve had since 2008. I use some incarnation of Ubuntu that a friend installed on here. The music playing program is called Amarok, and I sort of hate it because the new version no longer syncs to my ipod.

I’ve been in a bit of a musical rut lately, not many new finds. Lately, I can’t stop listening to Turbonegro, mostly Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes. That My Dad is Dead Record: The Taller You Are The Shorter You Get was also in heavy rotation recently as was Jay Reatard’s Blood Visions.




Fell to Low is real fucking good and Walker (who plays in dyemaker with the other Shame dudes) is a phenomenally talented musician/songwriter not to mention an all American. Speaking of which, I’m really looking forward to the finished Dyemaker demo. I also spent a silly amount of time on my friend Nick’s website listening to his compositions which range from fucking hilarious to beautiful.

Earlier this year I was playing a lot of Swans. Particularly Soundtracks For the Blind and Filth, totally different albums, but both examples of visceral songwriting at its best.


As far as heavier musax is concerned I really dug the last Corrupted album from 2011: Garten Der Unbewusstheit. I also played the shit out of the Magrudergrind self-titled. Lots more random shit, that I can’t think of right now. That’s it.


Sorry this was so long.

The Latest Tunes!

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The List:

– Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment(SLR/Volcom) :  Hank and Pal Pot are gone, so it’s not the same.  Still this album shreds big time.

– Toiling Midgets – Son (Matador):  Super mellow alternative.

– Turbonegro: Apocalypse Dudes (SFTRI/Man’s Ruin):  This is a bootleg I got from Amoeba.  Sound quality is actually not bad.  Only thing is that their is some serious dead space between tracks in the wax.  Legendary album!!!

The Move: Best of The Move (A&M):  Before ELO, they’re was The Move.  ‘Enugh said!

– Thorr’s Hammer – Doomedagsnatt (Southern Lord):  Good doom metal stuff on this record.  Greg A and Steve O’ Malley from Southern Lords pre – Sunn band.  Burning Witch is also great.

Earthlings – Humalien (Treasure Craft Records):  Pete Stahl and Dave Catching!  

Church of MIsery -The Second Coming (Rise Above Records):  These guys are still the heaviest thing to ever come out of Japan, great live show as well!

– The Flaming Groovies – Slow Death (Norton Records):  Pretty much can’t say enough about this band, the hooks are super catchy.  Awesome addition for any hardcore fan of Iggy, MC5, Death (Detroit band – not the death metal band) or any garage rock fiend.  Not to mention the song “Slow Death” has been covered countless times (i.e The Dictators, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs to name a few.)

– Turboneger – Turboloid 7″ (SFTRI):  Super gritty production and recording.  This was made before the Hank years.

The Mono Men (Rise Records) – S/T 7″:  Great garage punk from WA.  Frank Kozik (Man’s Ruin owner/operator) provided artwork.

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