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Shattered Platters Take: Valient Thorr – Our Own Masters

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North Carolina party rockers Valient Thorr released a brand new record via Volcom Entertainment on 6/18/2013 entitled “Our Own Masters.”  It’s available physically on CD and Slime Green colored vinyl.


When Volcom Entertainment passed me a copy of the album  to review, the first thing I imagined once the opening track of “Immaculate Con sumption” started to play was a visual of the recording process with Valient Himself in the studio going absolutely nuts like he does during his live shows while in this “professional” environment of making this record.

I’ve seen Thorr many times and I will say that one doesn’t simply “see” V.Thorr, they “experience” V.Thorr.    I actually have spoken to many a Thorrior about how at first we weren’t too big on the band when hearing them on record but once we saw the live show and how insane it is, we gave it another shot and were instantly won over,!!   “Our Own Masters” picks up right where their last record “Stranger” left off, more jams about positivity, partying, surreal moments, partying, taking action, partying etc.  12 tracks of new songs that tackle the serious issues we face such as our nation being a bunch of zombie consumers who buy material items that we don’t need (Immaculate Consumption), dealing with everyday life (Torn Apart) and evil things (Life Hands You Demons) among others.  Track list is as follows:

– Immaculate Consumption

– Master Collider

– Manipulation

– No Strings Attached

– Life Hands You Demons

– Torn Apart

– Cerebus

– Good News Bad News

– Insatiable

– Crowdpleaser

– Nervous Energy

– Call off the Dogs

“Cerebus” is by far my favorite track on the album.  The dueling guitar melody’s and Valient’s chant of “Cerberus don’t bite the hand that feeds ya,” leaves even the most impotent metal head aware that Thorr was probably blasting Van Halen’s 1984 while coming up with this one!

I can see Valient Thorr as a minimalists, people without needing much to have a good time.  Hell, look at the “Torn Apart” video (link below): a cabin, dudes and ladies, beer and a bonfire and they’re stoked!  That’s why “Immaculate Conception” is a perfect opening track to the album.  An over the top rock out against mass materialism and corporate cock sucking of the highest pedigree.

All in all, this album is a great follow up to Strangers and will only get new fans of them once virgin ears have been penetrated by “Our Own Masters.”  They’re currently on tour with Gypsyhawk and Ramming Speed and will be doing more dates in the following months to come.

Video for their debut single debut and you can pick up the album at the link below.


Valient Thorr – Torn Apart

Album Review: Jonny Manak & The Depressives – “Primitive Sounds For A Modern World”

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Well, this is kind of a stray away from my normal material that usually consists of heavy music but hell, it’s refreshing!

The Bay Area, home of Anchor Steam beer, the hated SF Giants, birthplace of US thrash metal and the current home of a bad ass garage punk band called Jonny Manak & The Depressives.

Who is Jonny Manak & The Depressives you ask?!?   This band is 3 piece powerhouse from the San Jose/Oakland area who stick to their guns and influences when it comes to bangin’ out good ol’ rock n’ roll tunes and LPs (they’ve released 3 so far)   Band consists of:

– An ex pro skateboarder named Jonny Manak (Fun Fact: His brother Chris, is the head of indie hip hop label giant Stones Throw Records)

– Flogging Molly’s/Dee Dee Ramone/Streetwalkin Cheetah’s ex bassist Bobby Wilcox.

– Flexx Bronco’s own Andy on the drums

What are they releasing you ask?!?  A new album of course, duh!  Their new record is called Primitive Sounds for A Modern World and is being released via a partnership between Manak’s own Reach Around Records and a new start up called Self Destructo Records.  14 tracks of garage rock hymns is what your getting with this. 

When is this coming out?!?  Street date for this polyvinyl chloride infused piece of fun is set for early May but you can now download the album in it’s entirety via iTunes or stream it over Spotify.



Album cover is awesome, props to David McHank for the tiki man sketch!

So, let’s get in the review part.  This album is really fun and super catchy to the ears, take it from me a…a guy who practically listens to nothing but Goatsnake and Turbonegro….this album was really fun.

These 14 tracks make you move your head like the way when you first heard Radio Birdman’s “Radios Appear” album back when you were first getting into punk rock.  I specfically note the track “Ride the Barrell (and get Pitted) as the cream of this album though, that track’s tempo and hooks are as catchy as it gets.

Another foot tapper is the song Wha-Bam! (which by coincidence has kinda become his trademark saying with the band). It sounds like something The Saint’s would have done but obviously came to late on it, total power pop sounding track.

This album is not just a studio album but also a live album as Side B was recorded during a live session at KFJC over in the San Jose area. Songs from this side consist of back catalog material + new material that never had proper studio release (from what I understand is in the works!).

All in all, Primitive Sounds For A Modern World is a fun album from the starting track :Wha-Bam!: to the finishing track of the consequence of choosing a road to travel and bearing the outcomes “Choose My Fate.”

3 guys, a home studio, a passion for doing what they love and making it happen regardless of the outcome. America, take notice!

Jonny Manak & The Depressives – “Primitive Sounds For a Modern World”

Interview with The Chuck Dukowski Sextet

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Part 2/2

The Latest Tunes!

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The List:

– Turbonegro – Sexual Harassment(SLR/Volcom) :  Hank and Pal Pot are gone, so it’s not the same.  Still this album shreds big time.

– Toiling Midgets – Son (Matador):  Super mellow alternative.

– Turbonegro: Apocalypse Dudes (SFTRI/Man’s Ruin):  This is a bootleg I got from Amoeba.  Sound quality is actually not bad.  Only thing is that their is some serious dead space between tracks in the wax.  Legendary album!!!

The Move: Best of The Move (A&M):  Before ELO, they’re was The Move.  ‘Enugh said!

– Thorr’s Hammer – Doomedagsnatt (Southern Lord):  Good doom metal stuff on this record.  Greg A and Steve O’ Malley from Southern Lords pre – Sunn band.  Burning Witch is also great.

Earthlings – Humalien (Treasure Craft Records):  Pete Stahl and Dave Catching!  

Church of MIsery -The Second Coming (Rise Above Records):  These guys are still the heaviest thing to ever come out of Japan, great live show as well!

– The Flaming Groovies – Slow Death (Norton Records):  Pretty much can’t say enough about this band, the hooks are super catchy.  Awesome addition for any hardcore fan of Iggy, MC5, Death (Detroit band – not the death metal band) or any garage rock fiend.  Not to mention the song “Slow Death” has been covered countless times (i.e The Dictators, Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs to name a few.)

– Turboneger – Turboloid 7″ (SFTRI):  Super gritty production and recording.  This was made before the Hank years.

The Mono Men (Rise Records) – S/T 7″:  Great garage punk from WA.  Frank Kozik (Man’s Ruin owner/operator) provided artwork.

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